Summer Camp Going Ahead

We are delighted to announce that there has been a fantastic response to the Summer Camp and it will go ahead this year. We would appreciate payment in full by Friday 20th June. The cost is €50 per child and for a family €40 per child.


Visit by An Taoiseach

We are delighted to inform you that the Taoiseach, Mr. Enda Kenny will officially launch our pupils’ Art Exhibition this coming Friday, 20th June in the school hall at 11am. He will also raise our fourth Green Flag during the course of his visit.

We are absolutely thrilled that the Taoiseach is taking time out of his very busy schedule to honour us with a visit at this time. more details to follow shortly regarding the visit.

Fourth Green Flag

Congratulations everyone, we did it!!

On Wednesday 21st May we were awarded our fourth Green Flag for ‘Travel’. Ms. O’ Neill attended the ceremony in the ‘Helix’ with Jessica O’Hagan, Ben O’ Connell and Helen Wu. We would like to thank the Green Schools Committee, Our Lady’s staff, parents/guardians and last but not least, the pupils of our school. Without their participation in the programme, none of this would have been possible. We are in the process of organising our ‘Flag Raising Ceremony’, which should hopefully take place before the end of June.

Terenure College

The following excerpt is taken from the Colleges’ Spring Drama Newsletter. “Our Lady’s Clonskeagh Parish NS won Best Production with a superb performance of Roald Dahl’s “Matilda” directed by Ms. Laura Walsh. It featured magnificent ensemble acting and a stand-out performance by Matilda herself.” Take a bow Sophie McNulty!

School Signs

Our gratitude to the Church for erecting a school sign on their grounds. This will make it easier for parishioners to access our school when looking for directions.

6″‘ Class Transfer Programme

Our sixth class students participated in a Transfer Programme this month in order for them to begin the transition to secondary school. The programme was facilitated by Clare Whyte and St. Tieman’s School Completion Programme who told us that the group were a pleasure to work with. All the students enjoyed it immensely and were given a valuable insight into life in secondary school. To finish off the day they were taken to Frangoes in Dundrum for lunch.

Sports Fest 4 Kidz and Santry Sports

All participants who took part in the Dun Laoghaire Rathdown After School Fun Through Sports (DRAFTS) programme were invited to attend a Sportsfest in Loughlinstown Community Centre on 28″‘. On the day they engaged in a variety of spotting events including archery, basketball, football and tag rugby. A great day was had by all! The day before a group of pupils, accompanied by Mr. Flanagan participated in Cumann na mBunscoil athletics Competition in Morton Stadium, Santry.

May Procession

This took place on 26″‘. Thanks to all concerned for making it such a wonderful uplifting celebration, especially Fr. Kevin and the parents who shared their support on the day despite the inclement weather.

Kellogg’s Award

Our Lady’s Breakfast Club has been awarded a special grant from Kelloggs in order to improve our facilities and provide cereal for the children who attend. We are most gratefial for this award and know it will be of great benefit to our Breakfast Club next year.

Breakfast Morning (Ms O’Brien)

On Friday, the 9’1‘ of May, Ms O’Brien’s class hosted a breakfast moming. Parents were welcomed along to sample delicious treats which the children served to them, after ordering from a menu. The pupils sang some songs and showed their beautiful art and work samples to the visitors. It was an enjoyable opportunity for parents to see all of the hard work the children have been doing. Thanks to Miss Regan for organising such a lovely event! A special thank you also to all the parents for such a wonderful turnout!

Zumba Classes

Adrian, the Zumba instructor led all the pupils in an invigorating and lively dance routine on 14″‘. The pupils really enjoyed this experience and keep asking when he’s coming back.


Ms. Martina McCormack from Trécaire gave a talk on the humanitarian work done by that particular organisation in some Third World countries. All classes enjoyed these very informative sessions.

Sports Day

This again was a wonderful success. Special thanks to Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council for allowing us the use of Mulvey Park, Milltown/Clonskeagh Credit Union for contributing towards the trophies and medals and Mrs Nolan for supplying the electricity!

Morning Walks

Each Friday morning for the month of May we got up earlier than usual so that we could get some valuable exercise before school. The walk was open to all the school community and the addition of toddlers, parents and babies on each of our walks was great to see. Members of staff met children and adults at the green area, at the junction of St. Columbanus Road and Patrick Doyle Road near the Nine Arches at 8:40 a.m. each Friday morning. Throughout Active School Week, there was a school initiative to encourage active travel to and from school each day. This initiative culminated in a great walk on Friday the 30″‘ of May, which also happened to be sports day. We will not be partaking in an organised walk for June; however we encourage you to keep up the good work and stay active.

Active Schools Week

The Active School committee organised a successful week full of various types of activity. The week comprised of a Healthy Eating day, Games from history (and other parts of the world) day, GAA day, Footgolf day and Sports day. While some of the weather was not very favourable, we were very lucky and when it did rain we did not let it dampen our active spirit.

Each morning before school we did a Wake up Shake up to get us ready for school. Thiswas led by staff and pupils and we did things rom a Haka in Irish and the Macarena. Every lunchtime there was music on the yard, which the children, teachers and SNA’s danced spontaneously to. Throughout the week we encouraged active travel/homework/schoolwork and healthy eating. The athletics team competed on Tuesday the 27”‘ of May at the Dublin athletics finals, where the U. 10 girls relay team and our U. 12 girl sprinters made the final, which was a huge achievement considering we only brought ll athletes to the competitions.

Friday was the last walk to school event and we saw at least one hundred people join the walk, which was a great start to our sports day.

The Sports Day started with stations in the morning comprising of a number of sports. At 11.30a.m. we ran all the traditional races with children, toddlers and parents. Mr. Heneghan kept the day running smoothly, whilst directing the day from the mike. No better man on the microphone! The day finished with a free ice cream for each child.

As the Active School committee we want to say a huge thanks to all the staff, parents, brothers, sisters, grandparents and school children for helping with and taking part in all of the events that we planned. To conclude can we ask you to remember the importance of staying active and the benefits it gives us.

First Holy Communion

Sunday18th May was a very special day for Ms. O’Loughlins Communion Class. The class, along with their parents, family members and friends gathered together in the Church of the Miraculous Medal, Bird Avenue Clonskeagh. They took part in a special mass during which they received the Sacrament of Holy Communion. Their teacher, S.N.A. Mrs Chester & parents, as well as the Church Community of Clonskeagh Parish along with Fr Kevin had helped to prepare them for the occasion.

A very special word of thanks to Mrs. Eileen Dunne, the parents’ representative who co-ordinated the preparations for the class. Thanks also to Mrs Collins and the choir and accompanists Mr Heneghan, Clare Walsh & Dou Dou Sheng. We congratulate all concerned and especially the girls and boys: Tegyn-Rose Butler, Demi-Leigh Curtis, Francine Dadivas, Oisin Derwin, Emma Dumie, Henry Fottrell, Charlie Murphy Leech, Sophie Maguire, Fionn McGovem and Jack Weadick.

Junior Infants Nature Trail

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Senior Infants Christmas Conert

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Senior Infants School Tour

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