Proclamation Day – Tuesday 15th March, 11am

Next Tuesday, March 15th has ben designated ‘Proclamation Day’ for primary schools to celebrate the momentous event of the Easter Rising.

Parents and guardians are cordially invited to join in the day of celebration to commemorate the centenary of the 1916 rising starting with a flag raising ceremony at 11am. This will be followed by various activities presented by the staff and students of Our Lady’s including the singing of Amhrán na bhFiann, music, Irish dancing and a reading of Our Lady’s own proclamation.

We look forward to seeing you there.

World Book Day

The boys and girls made a huge effort in dressing up as their favourite characters from their favourite book last week for World Book Day, raising money for the school in the process

IMG_20160303_123543416 IMG_20160303_123548107

IMG_20160303_123552428 IMG_20160303_123558767

IMG_20160303_123543416 IMG_20160303_123607467

Gardening in the classroom

As part of our Aistear theme of the Garden Centre, all of the boys and girls planted some cress using just cotton wool to see if cress could grow without soil. We also planted a pea seed each and some of the peas are thriving

20160307_152824 20160307_152834

Christmas Play, Whoops a Daisy Angel

It feels like a while ago now but back in December the boys and girls were so busy getting ready for Christmas and of course their first Christmas play together. The class learned their lines and sang the songs beautifully. Here are some photos from the dress rehearsal before the play itself.

Photo0433 Photo0434 Photo0436

Photo0439 Photo0442 Photo0443

Photo0444 Photo0445

First Confession

First confessions take place tomorrow evening, 9th March at 7.30pm at the Church of The Immaculate Virgin Mary of the Miraculous Medal, Bird Avenue. All children in 2nd class who are taking part should be there at 7.15pm.

To help prepare for this event you can practice the following:

1) Songs: (My Shepherd is the Lord and I’m Sorry God) (Connected)

2) Practice the following: ‘Bless me Father for I have sinned this is my First Confession. I did not show love when I ……… For these and all my sins I am sorry’

3) Go through prayers – Act of Sorrow, The Confiteor, Prayer Before Confession, Prayer After Confession