Our Active School Committee

Our Active School Committee have been doing some fantastic work throughout the year. Each member has a special role. Some children are in charge of distributing equipment at break times, some children lead playground activities, others lead active lines and all members encourage ‘Do your talking while you’re walking’.

It is also the role of the members to remind other students and teachers to get 60 minutes of exercise every day. Committee members also remind teachers to complete the Daily Mile as well as Go Noodle Breaks on rainy days.

The committee were a huge help in organising and implementing activities during Active School Week and they took their roles very seriously. They generated ideas which we are able to follow through on and also requested ideas from their classmates. Well done all on a job well done!

Strech -n-Grow

Junior & Senior Infants: New Term of Stretch-n-Grow starts on Tuesday 9th January. Term Duration:10 Weeks. Cost:€50.00. Can be paid in full or 2 x €25.00. To enrol your child in the class, please text Jane (087) 2203522. Payment can be made when collecting your child after the 1st Class.

Thank you.