Intercultural Day – Fifth & Sixth Class

On Intercultural Day, there were projects on different countries displayed in the hall and loads of flags hanging from the ceiling. The hall was filled with colour. Different nationalities and countries were represented. Lots food was prepared and everyone had a huge feast. Raseem Osmani (6th Class).

At Intercultural Day, the hall was buzzing and tables were scattered with delicious foods from different countries all over the world. We had an amazing time sampling new foods and learning about different cultures and countries. Oisín Derwin (6th Class).

Move Well,Move Often

Teachers in Our Lady’s N.S. have received training in ‘Move Well, Move Often’. We are currently implementing the programme across the school. This resource aims to provide a range of tools to support the teacher in teaching fundamental movement skills (FMS) throughout the primary school.

What is Physical Literacy?

“Physical literacy can be described as the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life.”

(Whitehead, 2014)

This PDST PE team have developed a resource to support teachers in developing physically literate children through the lens of Fundamental Movement Skills. This resource, entitled Move Well, Move Often, has been designed to complement the teaching of the Irish Primary School Physical Education (PE) Curriculum and aims to provide a range of tools to support the teacher in teaching fundamental movement skills throughout the primary school. The resource includes a Teachers Guide and three Activity Books. The entire resource, including supplementary materials such as video clips, assessment templates, sample lessons and planning tools are available by clicking on the link below.

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Fundamental Movement Skills

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Our school received the Fit4Class programme resources along with certificates for children who have completed the 10 week programme. We have begun the lessons across all class levels.

Fit4Class is Athletics Ireland’s new 10 week programme that introduces primary school children from junior infants to fourth class to athletics in a fun, engaging and non-competitive environment. It focuses on the use of games to develop fitness whilst enhancing agility, balance and co-ordination, all fundamental to longer term physical athletic development. Fit4Class rewards students for participating and having fun.

Intercultural day projects

The children did amazing work on their projects for different countries. We learned all about customs and traditions. Our wonderful parents supplied food and treats from each country. A fantastic day was had by all.


Chinese books and items


Junior infants work on Poland


1st class project on China


3rd and 4th class project on Philippines.


3rd class work on France.


Eiffel Tower using match sticks.


Italy by Senior Infants and First.


Japan by 5th and 6th class.


2nd class project on India.


Junior Infants work on Mongolia.


Senior Infants project on Venezuela.


3rd & 4th class project on Sweden.


Nigeria by 3rd & 4th class