Active School’s Week: Whole School Daily Mile

The Daily Mile is a popular, simple and free initiative that sees children run or jog for 15 minutes every day in their primary and nursery schools. On Wednesday, all students and teachers participated in a Whole School Daily Mile Event where they walked, jogged and sprinted 1 mile around the yard. It was great to see to older students mixing with boys and girls from the infant classes and some of the infants even had the confidence to take them on as they raced them to the finish. Great fun was had by all.

Daily Mile at Mount Merrion

On Wednesday, children from Ms.Meegan and Mr.Heneghan’s classes were lucky enough to be chosen to attend the Daily Mile Event at Mount Merrion. All children completed a lap of the park by running, jogging or walking and after crossing the finish line, each child was presented with a medal to mark their achievement. Some Active Children even chose to do a second lap of the course which was great to see. Well done to all children who participated.

Monday Motivation and Rounders

We started the week off with an assembly to get us in the active mood! The Active School Committee spoke to the school about the week ahead and the activities planned. They also encouraged all the children to get 60 minutes of exercise every day. Children were reminded to wear their tracksuits everyday. Everybody will be doing active homework every day. The Active School Committee told everyone that they will be playground monitors throughout the week on junior and senior yards and will be providing equipment to ensure we have a very active playground at break times.

The Active School Committee reminded everybody that we should be getting 60 minutes of exercise every day, not just during Active School Week.

The first activity we did this week was rounders. Rounders is such a fun game and it’s also very inclusive. We were able to modify the game to suit the juniors with ‘kick rounders’ and also for children with special needs. We really wanted to try a new game this year that also has lots of movement in it. It was a great opportunity to practice our runningthrowing and catching skills as well as kicking skills (for juniors) which are all fundamental movement skills.

Junior Park Run

We have teamed up with Junior Park Run at our local park. We are encouraging children to sign up for the Junior Park Run in Marley which happens every Sunday morning at 9.30am. Park Run is a fantastic introduction to athletics and running for children. What’s most important is that the runs are non competitive and very inclusive. We were delighted to complete our first Park Run as a school on Sunday the 29th of April. Children from Our Lady’s N.S. took the Daily Mile a step further and completed the 2km track, along with some parents. Well done to everyone who came along and we hope to see more of you there every Sunday morning.