Visit from Jack McGrath

Jack McGrath was kind enough to visit to school to help us raise our fifth green flag. We sang and danced and he signed some autographs. The flag was for Biodiversity.

We are proud to have obtained our fifth Green flag for Biodiversity. Jack McGrath kindly visited the school to help us raise it. We had a great day.


Water Workshop

Today’s water workshop provided the children from 3rd to 6th class with an awareness of water and the importance of water conservation in our daily lives. The children particularly enjoyed performing a range of  water investigations and enjoyed learning interesting, yet shocking facts about the amount of water we use on a daily basis. Do you know that 5 mins in a power shower uses 125 litres of water or that a leaking tap can waste 5 litres in one day? Shocking! This workshop has certainly taught the children to be more conscious and careful  about the amount of water they are using at home and in school and that simple measures such as ensuring a tap isn’t dripping can make the difference!