Role of the I.C.T Committee

The role  of our  I.C.T. committee :

  • Attend regular meetings to discuss I.C.T in Our Ladys.
  • Put forward their opinions about how they think things are progressing and offer new suggestions related to I.C.T.
  •  Maintain and update  the website.
  • Take photos of important school events which they can then upload onto the site.
  • Share their knowledge and skills within the classroom when working on various I.C.T projects
  •  Help organise events related to I.C.T within the school e.g. Internet Safety Awareness Day.
  • Help in the maintenance of  class  laptops ensuring they are shut down properly, that they are stored safely and are fully charged at all times.
  • Report any problems encountered.
  • Ensure whiteboards are being switched off when not in use.