Work, rest and play at Our Lady's NS

Supplying the support for a well rounded education

Our Lady’s is proud of the range of facilities the school offers to its pupils. We are continually assessing the needs of our students and, with the help of the school community, upgrading the facilities accordingly.


Resource Rooms

The school has two newly renovated resource rooms where students with specific learning needs, are given direct, specialised instruction and academic remediation in an individualised or small group setting for a portion of the day.


The school is well equipped with an array of digital devices such as laptops, tablets, desktops, cameras, and interactive white-boards in every classroom. For more details on the school’s ICT facilities visit our ICT page.


Our Lady’s has its own school kitchen. This facilitates regular cookery experiences for all classes. Parents may be treated to the delights of their children’s kitchen creativity, if the kids haven’t devoured such treats first!

School Hall

The school hall is used for indoor sports and physical education and boasts an indoor basket ball court as well as a stage. The hall is also used for school assemblies, concerts, recitals, meetings and is employed by a number of local clubs outside of school hours.

School Yard

The school has an extensive yard that has both an outdoor basketball court and an astro-turf pitch as well as an area for the junior classes. The yard is used in the mornings before school and at break times as well as for physical education classes during school. The yard is also used for extra curricular activities such as DRAFTS or training by some of the school sports teams.

Sports Equipment

Our Lady’s has an excellent supply of sports equipment for both indoor and outdoor use including basketball, volley ball, badminton, soccer, gymnastic mats, skipping ropes, hula hoops, bean bags, athletics, etc., or occasionally cycling tuition by visiting Garda Traffic Corp members.

Montessori Room

There is a Montessori school situated on the school premises. This is run separately from the school. For more information please contact the school for more info.


Our Lady’s is very proud of its garden which allows every child to get involved in growing flowers and vegetables. For more details see our garden page.

Bicycle Area

The school has a secure bicycle area situated beside the garden inside the school grounds. We encourage pupils to take the healthy option of walking or cycling to school and our bike area is designed to provide a secure facility for pupils to lock their bicycles when at school.


Each classroom has its own library of books appropriate to its level. This allows books to be readily available to students of that class, however, students can (with permission) borrow books from other classes.