Making sweet music is sound advice
Making music in the early and primary years increases listening and concentration skills, and enhances a child’s ability to discriminate between sounds. This improves phonetic awareness and helps to develop language and literacy skills.

There is also a positive impact on spatial reasoning, which is linked to mathematical thinking, and on physical co-ordination, which supports handwriting skills. Music-making in small groups promotes teamwork and the development of leadership skills, as well as being hugely enjoyable. Pupils’ confidence can also be enhanced if they have opportunities to perform.*

At Our Lady’s pupils get the chance to experience a variety of  music types through in-class instruction and visits from touring music groups. In the past pupils have had active exposure to or had the chance to learn tin whistle, guitar, recorder, piano, violin and bodhrán (to name but a few instruments) and the school continues to endeavor to provide music tuition as our budget allows.