Our Lady's Proclamation

Writing Our Own Piece of History

Back in November Our Lady’s was visited by and officer and NCO from the Irish Air Corps who presented the school with a National Flag and a copy of the Proclamation. During that visit they urged the school body to write its own proclamation to be read on Proclamation Day (March 15th 2016). The reading was performed by Mrs. Collins, vice-principal of Our Lady’s at the proclamation day ceremonies. This proclamation is on display at the Windy Arbour LUAS stop.

Children of Ireland,

The next 100 years will be a very important time. Our country has faced a lot of challenges. Some are new and some are the same that were around 100 years ago. The biggest problems are homelessness, inequality and environmental issues.

An age old problem is homelessness. Every person deserves a roof over their heads and a good standard of living. To help we don’t need to build new shelters. We can re-do abandoned houses and complete half-finished buildings. We can stop staring and start caring. We can offer them the same job opportunities as others.

Our other challenge is inequality. Everyone should be accepted and not judged on religion, skin colour or who they decide to love. We should get to know them from the inside. We should have respect for all people. We hope for a loving, more caring and accepting Ireland.

We should respect the environment. It is important to try reduce pollution, save water and prevent animal cruelty.

Even though we are young it doesn’t mean we can’t make a difference. For every problem we can find a solution. We all have hopes and dreams for the future. If we work together we can succeed in making Ireland a better place, honour our flag and continue being a great little county.

Our Lady's NS Clonskeagh